KLAS report shows Amalga losing favor

May 8, 2012 in Medical Technology

OREM, UT – Despite its potential, sales of Microsoft Amalga have been limited and its overall KLAS performance score has dropped 14 points in the past two years, from 84.2 to 69.9, revealing a split in customer opinions, according to a new report from research firm KLAS.

Some healthcare providers are pleased with the results that Amalga, which brings disparate data together on one platform, has achieved at their facility, while others are displeased with the product as a whole, KLAS reports.

Given Amalga’s potential, yet lack of progress, this KLAS study takes a closer look at Amalga’s story. The report, “Microsoft Amalga 2012: The Price of Flexibility,” discusses why some customers experience success with Amalga and others only regret. In addition, customers share their opinions concerning the merger of Amalga and GE’s Qualibria into the Caradigm platform.

Chart: How does the cost of Amalga’s implementation and maintenance compare to your original expectations?

“Amalga is a flexible platform,” KLAS’ strategic operations manager and report author Colin Buckley said. “Some customers report that flexibility comes with an unexpected caveat: complexity. This complexity ultimately translates into expenses that many customers were specifically hoping to avoid when they made their Amalga purchase.”

For this study, KLAS interviewed 15 Amalga sites to understand what attracted them to Amalga, the value they found in the solution, any surprises they encountered, and what advice they would give prospective buyers, officials say.

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