Kaiser PHR sees 4 million sign on, most active portal to date

August 6, 2012 in Medical Technology

Having the ability to view and manage one’s personal health records online is another idea that sounds great in concept, but is almost certain to create more problems than it solves.

It’s not unlike the issues of going to more than one pharmacy to get prescriptions filled. I may get most of mine at the local CVS, and they’ll know about those and can check for potential bad interactions or prescription abuse. But if I stop by Walgreen’s once in a while instead because it’s occsionally more convenient, they don’t know about my records at CVS and if they don’t ask and I don’t tell them, all the information is for nought.

Likewise, when I have to change insurance providers from one year to the next because my employer forces me to do so to take advantage of lower costs, who’s going to make sure my PHR at my previous insurer are transferred to my new insurer?

And even if that’s not an issue, who’s going to make sure all my medical information makes it onto my PHR at my current insurer? I have almost 55 years of medical data, much of which is on paper and will never become digital. That which is stored electronically is scattered across multiple providers, including GP’s, specialists, outpatient centers, hospitals whose ER’s I used, etc.

But my greatest fear is the federal gov’t will use the above to rationalize why THEY should become the keeper of all my medical information. When that comes to pass, and under the ACA it almost certainly will, I’ll have to trust ALL of my health care to bureaucrats deep in some federal agency, who in the interest of reducing costs will at some point tell me to “take the pill” instead of getting the treatment I seek because they deem me too old to justify the expense.

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Article source: http://www.healthcareitnews.com/news/kaiser-phr-sees-4-million-sign-most-active-portal-date

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