HealthEdge acquires Click4Care

December 11, 2012 in Medical Technology

HealthEdge, which develops software for payers, has acquired Click4Care, a firm that specializes in care management technology for health insurers. 

HealthEdge officials say the acquisition, which brings clinical capabilities to its HealthRules product suite, will enable its clients to manage all aspects of their businesses with a single platform, better positioning them for an evolving healthcare economy.

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“Our customers, prospects and the healthcare industry have been calling for a single, enterprise-class platform that will enable them to simultaneously manage all of the administrative, financial and clinical aspects of their businesses,” said HealthEdge CEO Rob Gillette. He added that the bolstered suite of tools will allow customers to “leverage new healthcare business models, significantly reduce administrative costs and provide real-time information to everyone involved in the healthcare delivery cycle.”


The acquisition of Click4Care, which is expected to close later this month pending shareholder approval, will allow HealthEdge to fully support new business models such as accountable care organizations, value-based benefits, health insurance exchanges and pay-for-performance.

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“As a customer that independently selected first Click4Care and then HealthEdge, we can see the power of a combined product suite,” said Bill Jollie, chief operating officer at Madison, Wis.-based WEA Trust. “Separately, each company offers a flexible, feature-rich solution to help us compete in the new healthcare economy. Together, HealthEdge and Click4Care bring a truly comprehensive, next-generation healthcare business platform.”

Jollie added that, with the merger, WEA Trust sees “exciting opportunities to integrate member and provider information and analytics support with traditional transaction capability.”

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