Dissatisfaction looms in EMR market

December 27, 2012 in Medical Technology

More than 200 hospitals of fewer than 200 beds are changing or replacing their hospital health information systems, according to a new survey from research firm KLAS.

Community Hospital Market Share 2012: Small Hospitals, Big Changes reveals that economic pressures continue to push smaller hospitals into IDN relationships in order to survive, which results in greater displacement of smaller-hospital CIS solutions with larger hospitals’ systems, such as Epic and Cerner.

In addition, a significant amount of EMR dissatisfaction looms in the market.

“One in three community providers who have gone live with their EMR in the past 12 months feels they made the wrong decision,” said Paul Pitcher, KLAS research director. “With many more-established vendors struggling to consistently deliver well for these hospitals, the door has been opened for lesser-known entrants – such as NextGen, Prognosis, QuadraMed and RazorInsights – to gain market traction.”

Epic has the most overall community CIS wins for 2011, followed by Healthland, Cerner and CPSI. Also, there are big differences in vendor performance and provider satisfaction, according to KLAS, especially when broken out by various bed sizes within the community hospital EMR space (1-25, 26-100 and 101-200).

[See also: Epic tops 2011 Best in KLAS Awards.]


The report also discusses EMR adoption trends of critical access to large community hospitals. Allscripts, GE Healthcare, HMS, McKesson, MEDITECH and Siemens are also included in the analysis.

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