New software helps dementia patients

January 10, 2013 in Medical Technology

IMS MAXIMS has launched software designed especially for NHS trusts to support early diagnosis and improve care for patients with dementia.

The MAXIMS Dementia System was developed to meet the increasing demand from NHS organizations for a solution that helps healthcare professionals diagnose dementia and guides them in the treatment and referral process.

“The misdiagnosis and delayed or incorrect treatment of long term conditions such a dementia is placing a huge strain on our NHS, with dementia estimated to cost our society in excess of £19 billion per year,” said Shane Tickell, CEO of IMS MAXIMS.

“Our aim is to help trusts capture data as easily and effectively as possible to improve the identification, and quality of care of dementia patients and receive the correct payments for doing so.”

The Department of Health has introduced a Commissioning for Quality Innovation (CQUIN) payment framework, which incentivizes the identification of patients with dementia as well as the appropriate referral and follow-up. Additionally, as of April 2013, the framework will be extended to show how quality dementia care is being delivered.

MAXIMS Dementia System takes users through each of the CQUIN target’s three stages (Find, Assess Investigate, Reviews), allowing trusts to collate data ready for extraction. The software, which integrates with virtually any system, can be tailored so clinical users can establish a streamlined workflow. The early identification of dementia symptoms can result in more accurate referrals for diagnostic assessment, treatment and support.

A dementia record is created for each patient who meets criteria set within the CQUIN framework. Clinicians then follow a simple task-list within the software to complete the process.

“Working within the CQUIN framework has allowed us to develop software, which helps trusts become more efficient in administrative terms whilst improving patient well-being and care,” said Tickell. “We look forward to continuing to work alongside healthcare organizations to provide the most advanced IT solutions possible to address the issues they face.”

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