PCE Systems to partner with Michigan HIE

January 15, 2013 in Medical Technology

The Michigan Health Information Network Shared Services (MiHIN) has announced that PCE Systems, a provider of electronic health record (EHR) solutions to Michigan’s behavioral health organizations, has executed the legal data sharing agreements to become a virtually qualified data sharing organization (VQO) through MiHIN.

As a MiHIN VQO, PCE Systems has the ability to securely send and receive health information securely through MiHIN to other qualified data sharing organizations (QO’s) connected to MiHIN, according to MiHIN officials.


PCE Systems can now use the shared services offered by MiHIN and allow Michigan’s sub-state health information exchanges (HIE) to connect their physical health networks with behavioral health and substance abuse treatment organizations connected to PCE’s information exchange network, the organization says. 


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This will provide clinical staff with secure access to comprehensive patient health information in a manner that is consistent with the additional privacy protections afforded to behavioral health and substance abuse treatment information. 


MiHIN Senior Integration and Technical Architect Jeff Shaw said bringing PCE into the MiHIN stakeholder community helps close the information gap between physical and behavioral health. 


“This ensures that all health professionals will have appropriate access to patients’ medical information allowing for treatment of the specific needs of each and every patient,” said Shaw in a statement.


Jeff Chang, project manager at PCE Systems, says PCE has been working both internally and with its behavioral health client base to navigate the complex technical, legal, and political issues of integrating behavioral health and substance abuse treatment information into the current HIE infrastructure. 


“We are excited to be working with MiHIN’s talented technical team to build on MiHIN’s great work in the physical health HIE space. Together, we will be able to bring the behavioral health and physical health community together, and provide healthcare professionals on the ground with the best, most comprehensive and timely information possible,” said Chang.


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The Upper Peninsula Health Information Exchange (UPHIE), a MiHIN Qualified Organization and sub-state HIE, plans to immediately undertake a behavioral health information exchange pilot with MiHIN and PCE.

“We have been talking to PCE for a while, but having Michigan’s QO’s go through MiHIN’s cloud to communicate with PCE through a common path was obviously the most cost-effective approach for Michiganders,” said Dennis Smith, president and CEO of UPHIE said regarding the pilot program. “We are excited to begin this pilot with PCE and MiHIN to accelerate HIE in the Behavioral Health Community and look forward to sharing our early successes statewide through MiHIN.”

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