iMedicor acquires iPenMD technology

January 26, 2013 in Medical Technology

iMedicor has announced its acquisition of San Antonio-based iPenMD, a Web-based electronic health record (EHR) app that puts digital pen technology to work in the clinical setting.

The iPenMD digital pen system reads patient encounter notes as they are recorded by the doctor or clinician into a paper form. The technology then converts these notes into editable text and places them into the proper field in the EHR. It can be integrated into any existing EHR system certified for meaningful use, officials say.

“Our acquisition of this unique digital pen technology allows health providers to go ‘back to the future’ – back to hand writing patient notes while going forward, simply and with regained productivity, to the future of electronic health records,” said  iMedicor CEO Fred Zolla in a statement.

“Now, with just the stroke of a pen, patient information can go from a health practice to anyone on our secure social health information exchange network, instantly, and saving considerable time and money in the process,” he added. “This is exactly the type of solution the health provider market has been seeking for a long time.”

iMedicor touts its SocialHIE as the first information exchange platform to offer secure messaging services within a social/professional networking architecture, enabling any physician or hospital to share patient data, test results and images within a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment – and even between disparate EHR systems.

“We too are pleased by the combination of the iPenMD technology with iMedicor,” said Joe Ventresca, CEO of JTJ Capital, which owned the iPenMD system. “As a result of this acquisition, healthcare professionals will now find that iMedicor’s SocialHIE network offers an unparalleled means by which to create and transmit patient records, easily and quickly, and to regain lost productivity.”

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