In emergency, physicians trust BoB

February 8, 2013 in Medical Technology

Citing better clinical decision support, usability and accuracy of documentation, a new report from KLAS shows physicians strongly preferring best of breed emergency department information systems, or EDIS,  to enterprise installations.  

As hospitals trend toward integrated platform installations, the new report, “EDIS 2013: Revealing the Physicians’ Voice,” is KLAS’ first effort to review ED systems through the eyes of the physician, analysts say.

“For years KLAS has heard physicians express passionate concerns over the impact that inefficient and inadequate emergency department systems can have on their ability to deliver patient care,” says report author Erik Bermudez in a statement.

The study show that emergency department docs’ satisfaction with best of breed (BoB) deployments is far higher (nearly 60 percent) than with enterprise systems.

The report examines EDIS technologies with regard to facilitating ED efficiency, documentation quality, patient safety, and interoperability. Vendors included in the report are Allscripts, Cerner, Epic, MEDHOST, MEDITECH, Picis, T-System,and Wellsoft.

The highest satisfaction scores were notched by Picus and T-Systems, according to KLAS, while enterprise EDIS from MEDITECH and Allscripts were at the bottom.

BoB systems score higher overall, but physicians report that enterprise systems do have their advantages, such as interoperability, care continuity and the ability to communicate with other hospital departments.

Access the full report here.

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