Carville, Rove debate finale for HIMSS13

February 19, 2013 in Medical Technology

The closing keynote on Thursday is a twofer. James Carville and Karl Rove, on opposing sides of the political spectrum, take the stage together at HIMSS13 to debate politics, economics, healthcare reform – well, just about everything. The debate is Thursday, March 7, from 12:30-2 p.m.

Whether Carville, who lives in New Orleans, has a home court advantage remains to be seen, but given the outspokenness of each debater, sparks are expected fly. Humor, too.

“The Ragin’ Cajun” Carville, a political consultant, is best know for helping former President Clinton win the 1992 election. He’s used to political differences. A staunch Democrat, he is married to Mary Matelin, a staunch Republican. Both are political commentators, and often appear together, arguing their points of view on national TV programs.

Carville is a best-selling author, actor, producer, talk-show host, speaker and restaurateur, and along with pollster Stanley Greenberg, he founded Democracy Corps, an independent, nonprofit polling organization dedicated to making government more responsive to the American people.

Karl Rove, a GOP strategist, is a Fox News contributor and Wall Street Journal columnist. He served as senior advisor to President George W. Bush from 2000 to 2007 and as deputy chief of staff (2004–2007). At the White House he oversaw the offices of strategic initiatives, political affairs, public liaison and intergovernmental affairs, and was deputy chief of staff for policy, coordinating the White House policy-making process.

At the beginning of February Rove launched a group to raise money to provide support in Republican primaries to the candidates they see as most electable. The move spurred many headlines, including this one in Mother Jones: “Karl Rove takes on the tea party. Is a GOP civil war looming?”

“I think it’s going to be interesting to hear from both of them about cabinet changes now that they see the new Congress and the Senate, what they see for the next four years, and especially what they see for healthcare and technology, said Karen Malone, vice president of meeting services for HIMSS. 

“And, James Carville is a local guy so that will be interesting too. “I’m sure, he’ll retell the stories about Katrina and hospitals and medical records being lost, washed away.”

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