iMedicor makes 2 acquisitions

February 19, 2013 in Medical Technology

iMedicor, which specializes in healthcare communications and data exchange, announced Tuesday that it has acquired both HITS Consulting Group and ClariDIS Corporation.

New York-based HITS CG offers meaningful use and electronic health record consulting services to leading healthcare facilities. iMedicor officials say the addition will bolster its IT expertise and broaden its consulting division – particularly in New Jersey, where iMedicor and HITS CG both offer consulting services to the Garden State’s Health Information Technology Extension Center (HITEC) project.

With the deal, Henry Denis, who served as CEO at HITS CG since 2009 – and who led that company’s implementation of EHR systems at more than 300 healthcare facilities and organizations in New Jersey – was appointed president of iMedicor, where he’ll be responsible for the company’s software development, meaningful use consulting program and overall IT and sales efforts.

Meanwhile, iMedicor officials say the acquisition of East Sandwich, Mass.-based ClariDIS, a data mining and data aggregation business, will strengthen the IT and security encryption capabilities of its Social Health Information Exchange, a platform that enables secure messaging services within a social/professional networking architecture.

Joshua Brimdyr, founder, president and chief technical officer of ClariDIS since 2004, has been appointed chief operating officer of iMedicor. He’ll be responsible for the company’s day-to-day operations, and oversight of software development and internal systems for iMedicor’s Social HIE 3.0.

iMedicor also announced two corporate appointments relating to its Jan. 24, 2013 purchase of iPenMD, a digital pen system that converts handwritten patient notes into digital text and places it into the patient’s EHR file. Kevin Giles, who had served as chief technical officer at iPenMD, will retain the same position with iMedicor; Stacey Trottier, who served as vice president of sales for iPenMD, will likewise retain that role at iMedicor.

Additionally, the firm announced that Robert Millar has been promoted to the position of chief information officer and senior vice president of business development.

These acquisitions and appointments will “significantly strengthen” iMedicor’s meaningful use, IT, managementand sales/marketing capabilities, said CEO Fred Zolla in a statement, enabling it to “pursue and capture a greatly expanded range of business opportunities in the healthcare communications space.”

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