CHIME to expand membership, initiatives

March 3, 2013 in Medical Technology

CHIME Board Chairman George T. Hickman, CIO at Albany Medical Center, launched the 2013 CIO Forum on Sunday on a celebratory note, as he also heralded a time for change and for growth for the 1,400-member organization.

First, he called CHIME/HIMSS CIO of the Year James Turnbull to the stage. Then, he introduced longtime CHIME member and CIO Russell Branzell as CHIME’s new CEO. Branzell will work with Richard Correll, COO, to expand membership, take strong stances on health IT policies at the federal and state levels and expand educational opportunities.

Turnbull, CIO of University of Utah Health Care, has a career that spans 37 years. Prior to joining UUHC, Turnbull served as senior vice president and CIO at the Children’s Hospital in Denver from 2000 to 2007, and senior vice president and CIO at Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida from 1993 to 2000.

The hotel ballroom was brimming with fellow CIOs, who gave Turnbull a standing ovation.

Turnbull commended his CHIME colleagues for “unselfish sharing.”  

“We get so much guidance from each other,” he said.

Before calling Branzell to the stage, Hickman talked about upcoming changes in CHIME.

“We really are in a time of significant change,” he said. “We acknowledge for us to be strong, we need to continue growing, to diversify our membership. We need to lead, speak and change.”

“We’ve already taken one bold step,” Hickman said, in introducing Branzell.

“This is really your time,” Branzell told the CHIME audience. “It’s our time. We’ve been asking for the spotlight, well, we got it. It’s our time to shine.”

Branzell said he wanted their help to grow membership, in their own states. CHIME plans to expand its partnerships like the ones it has with the American Hospital Association and with HIMSS, he said, and to “kick it up a notch” on the policy front, in order to start driving change, not merely just reacting to policy.

When the well-known author and first keynote speaker, Stephen M.R. Covey, took the podium, he changed the subject to trust. There is tremendous change occurring both in healthcare and in information technology, he noted.

“You represent two industries that need transformation, he said, healthcare and the whole IT world. He proffered that one way to accelerate change is to engender trust. Where there is no trust, he suggested, work is difficult, communication breaks down, and work – and change – takes longer to get done.

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