New module allows patients to give feedback on care experience

March 15, 2013 in Medical Technology

Stalis and IPROS CUBE will partner to launch a Patient Experience feedback module. With it, healthcare providers will be able to manage, monitor and analyze patient experience surveys.

Through the module, patients can submit confidential feedback via an online questionnaire that is tailored to the needs of the provider. Results can be measured against the Department of Health’s quality care targets, officials say. This will support providers in the delivery of quality, evidence-based care, leading to a more patient-centered National Health Service (NHS).

“We saw this collaboration as a key move towards a clearer understanding of patient’s expectations and the actual quality of care,” said Christine Whitehouse, Stalis’ managing director, in a press statement. “This is represented through the patient’s ability to give honest feedback via a confidential internet survey, moving away from a paper-based questionnaire, meaning more accurate results for healthcare providers.”

The Patient Experience module brings together solutions from both companies. The IPROS CUBE Assured Compliance service allows providers to design patient surveys specific to their auditing requirements. Stalis’ CareInform solution integrates the survey results into a single patient data repository.

Instantly accessible via real-time dashboards, the cloud-based solution offers providers a view across all quality metrics.

“Integrating our Assured Compliance with Stalis’ CareInform solution provides trusts with a single point of use for monitoring and analyzing current, reliable, relevant and sufficient evidence of compliance, ensuring the NHS is more accountable to patient requirements,” said Rob Anderson, IPROS CUBE managing director, in a statement.


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