5 advantages of smart video

March 26, 2013 in Medical Technology

Who reads anything any more? Like many industries, healthcare is awash in paperwork, much of which is hard to read, boring, lacks a personal touch – or just never gets read. Leveraging video technology and adapting medical information to be presented in video form is a way for healthcare institutions to present their patients with a more digestible means of conveying information.

“Video is the most engaging medium,” says Jim Dicso from SundaySky, a firm that develops smart video technologies. “Smart Video enables the video to be the most relevant.”

Dicso says the system takes relevant medical information from a patient’s files and combines them in a video template that is delivered in an always up-to-date, on-demand format. Mass scaled, the system is a way for healthcare providers to reach its members in a way that’s easier to understand. Here are five other things smart video can do.

1. Explain content. Bills can be full of confusing charges and terms that can cause what Dicso calls “bill shock.” A bill delivered by smart video can actually walk a customer through the bill line by line, explaining what each charge is. Dicso says this can help improve the relationship with a customer, and that it can reduce the need for follow up, when the videos are designed “with a goal of proactively answering the most frequently asked questions encountered at a call center.” In other words, a smart video anticipates the more confusing parts of a bill or document, and seeks to explain them to the recipient before they pick up the phone. 

2. Increase compliance and understanding. Medical speak and normal human language can some times be vastly at odds, and that can affect the quality of care after a patient has left the physician’s office. To phrase it in terms of compliance and payment: How do you make sure that a patient understands and will follow the discharge summary? Dicso says that in healthcare systems, “There’s a desire to have a very consistent legally supported communication about discharge expectations … [that] deliver what the patients should know and what the patients should do when they’re discharged.” Following the same logic of using a video bill to explain costs and fees, personalizing a video discharge can help explain a patient’s responsibilities in a way that they will understand and in a way the hospital can make sure they are watching.

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