ECRI Institute releases new ‘market snapshot’ of hybrid operating rooms

April 16, 2013 in Medical Technology

ECRI Institute, an independent nonprofit that researches approaches to improving patient care, has announced the release of a new “market analytics snapshot” on hybrid operating rooms.

With a focus on endovascular hybrid ORs, the report addresses the key issues driving this trend and includes top vendor pricing, market share data, and implementation considerations, according to an April 15 ECRI news release.

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The paper is available for free download and is designed to help C-level decision makers, and clinical and purchasing directors implement a successful hybrid OR strategically, safely, and cost-effectively, ECRI officials say.

The at-a-glance report walks the reader through key factors to consider when planning a hybrid suite, including:

  • Typical room and equipment requirements
  • Estimated project costs
  • Average costs of top angiography imaging systems from GE, Philips, Siemens and Toshiba
  • ECRI’s recommendations for successful implementation

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“Hybrid ORs cost about $3 million to $4 million on average, so short-term ROI is questionable,” said Jennifer Myers, ECRI Institute’s vice president of SELECT health technology services, in a press statement. ”However, we’re seeing a lot of interest by hospitals who anticipate long-term benefits of using an endovascular hybrid OR to perform high-risk minimally invasive cardiac procedures.” 

Thomas E. Skorup, vice president of ECRI Institute’s Applied Solutions Group, says many hospitals are surprised to learn that a hybrid OR requires about double the space of a traditional OR and that more than 100 technologies may be required.

“The report’s guidance and recommendations are based on real-world experience helping many of our member hospitals,” Skorup said.

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