Premier steps up on population health

April 17, 2013 in Medical Technology

The Premier healthcare alliance, which includes 2,800 hospitals and 93,000 other provider and payer organizations across the country, has partnered with Phytel to automate population health services in order to help its members scale their efforts to improve patient care and adapt to a rapidly changing healthcare system.

A comprehensive population health suite enables providers to manage patient care more efficiently, with a better understanding of outcomes and total cost, Premier officials say. It helps to focus on care delivered outside the hospital using predictive analytics to profile an entire population, not just those who have been treated. The intelligence garnered can more effectively support emerging care delivery and risk management models through health reform as providers participating in accountable care organizations are reimbursed based on quality and cost overall.

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“One of the things we’re really excited about is the data integration opportunities that bringing Phytel to the community brings,” said Alejandro Reti, MD, senior director, population health, for the alliance. “The emphasis of the Premier platform is to make previously disparate data sets available for analytics that together drive more insights that were not possible before. I think understanding what works in terms of moving the dial on patient behavior – that’s one area where analytics will be able to shed new light by accomplishing some of that data integration.

“Phytel helps us to improve the quality of preventive and chronic care by identifying patients with gaps in treatment and re-engaging them with their providers,”said Thomas Auer, MD, CEO of Bon Secours Virginia Medical Group, a Premier member who already uses Phytel technology, As he sees it, Premier’s partnership with Phytel further provides alliance members the set of tools they need “to thrive through reform, and ultimately improve the long-term health outcomes of and engagement from the people we serve.”

Premier is working to encourage members to adopt solutions that will help its members succeed in a rapidly changing healthcare climate, said Jeff Petry, vice president of strategic initiatives, Premier healthcare alliance.

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“Premier has a number of methods to help encourage that adoption,” Petry said, “not just the purchase of the product, but actually the use and the value of the tool. We do that largely through these collaboratives . . . We’ve been doing a lot of work around the adoption and practices of value-based purchasing for acute care hospitals for decades.”

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