IU Health data warehouse in growth mode

April 19, 2013 in Medical Technology

Indiana University Health officials announced Thursday they will be developing a centralized repository comprising core clinical, financial and patient satisfaction data from across its network over the next three months.

Officials at the 18-hospital health system say the new 14 billion-row data warehouse will unlock more than 10 years of clinical, financial and patient satisfaction data and signifies a critical first step toward IU Health’s goal of using data from its Cerner electronic health record and other core applications to improve patient care quality. “IU Health had previously struggled to create a data warehouse that would serve as the organization’s source of truth,” said Bill McConnell, the health system’s senior vice president and CIO, in a press statement. 


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IU will be tapping Health Catalyst for the data warehouse solution, which McConnell says is expected to be up and running within 90 days.”To my knowledge, the scope of this accomplishment is unprecedented in the industry,” he added. 


The data warehouse platform uses a late-binding bus architecture to reduce the time to value for deployment of an enterprise data warehouse. The typical approach to development of an EDW often requires months or, potentially, years to map data to complex data models. This specific data warehouse can be deployed in weeks and months, and, some officials say, is more adaptable and agile to changes after deployment, as analytic use cases in healthcare evolve and may become more complex.


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By analyzing and comparing clinical, financial and patient satisfaction data, health system officials expect the data repository will enable it to better predict the impact of quality interventions on cost and patient satisfaction.


“To thrive in our evolving value-based healthcare system, health systems need to quickly analyze the huge volumes of data they produce, identify opportunities for quality improvement and cost savings, and then enable their caregivers to take appropriate action,” said Dan Burton, CEO of Health Catalyst. “We are thrilled that our partnership with IU Health, a leader in the development of health information technologies, has given us the opportunity to build the foundation for that transformation.”


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