EHRs fail tests, certifications revoked

April 25, 2013 in Medical Technology

This story has been updated.

Two electronic health records, previously certified under the EHR Incentive Programs, failed recently to meet industry requirements and have had their certifications revoked, ONC officials announced Thursday. As a result, National Coordinator for Health IT Farzad Mostashari, MD, said providers can no longer meet meaningful use requirements using these products.

EHRMagic-Ambulatory and EHRMagic-Inpatient, both developed by Santa Fe Springs, Calif.-based EHRMagic, are the first-ever EHRs to have their certifications revoked, ONC told Healthcare IT News. The EHRs must be certified by a certification body authorized by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT before regaining certification. To date, “no providers have attested using these products,” wrote ONC’s Peter Ashkenaz, in an emailed statement. 


Both ONC and InfoGard Laboratories, an ONC authorized certification body, received notifications that the EHRMagic products failed to meet meaningful use certification requirements, and the products should not have been certified, officials say. InfoGard analyzed the additional information from the notification and contacted EHRMagic, launching the ONC-ACB required surveillance activities. InfoGard concluded that it was necessary for the EHR products to be retested for select requirements. EHRMagic participated in retesting and subsequently failed.


“We and our certification bodies take complaints and our follow-up seriously,” said Mostashari in a press statement. “By revoking the certification of these EHR products, we are making sure that certified electronic health record products meet the requirements to protect patients and providers. Because EHRMagic was unable to show that their EHR products met ONC’s certification requirements, their EHRs will no longer be certified under the ONC HIT Certification Program.”


ONC officials said they don’t have specific details around on why the products failed to achieve certification. 



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