Presence Health and Harris team on clinical integration platform

April 25, 2013 in Medical Technology

Presence Health, the largest Catholic health system based in Illinois, has announced it will team with Harris Corporation to implement a new clinical integration platform.

The Harris solution will help Presence Health improve the patient experience and quality of treatment through a focus on care efficiency, safety, and reduced costs, according to a new release.

The standards-based Harris Clinical Integration Platform is a vendor-neutral hardware and software solution that connects clinical systems with workflow and analytics tools that integrate complex data from diverse systems, say Harris officials.

The Platform includes Harris’ Provider Portal, which aggregates patient information from disparate clinical data sources used by physicians, and the Patient Portal, which allows patients to collaborate with their care team and access their health information through the Internet.

“One of the principal motivations behind the formation of Presence Health is to ensure a more collaborative, cost-effective, and interconnected healthcare experience for the patient and the physician,” said Richard H. Ferrans, MD, system vice president and chief medical officer of Clinical Integration and Accountable Care at Presence Health, in a statement. “The Harris Clinical Integration Platform will give us the infrastructure to deliver a suite of services that will be developed in coordination with Presence physicians and adhere to the responsibility we have to our patients to deliver a better healthcare experience.” 

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“Presence Health understands the need for Harris’ vendor-neutral Clinical Integration Platform and the value of our Patient Portal that puts the patient at the center of the healthcare experience,” said Vishal Agrawal, president, Harris Healthcare Solutions, in a statement.  

“Presence Health is at the forefront of a revolutionary change in healthcare, where hospitals looking to enhance coordination of care, lower costs, manage risk among physicians, and improve the patient experience are moving toward a fully interoperable Clinical Integration Platform,” he said.

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