Sebelius releases new HHS data

June 3, 2013 in Medical Technology

Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Monday announced the release of new outpatient procedure cost data and new opportunities for researchers and developers.

Sebelius made the announcement at the start of Health Datapalooza IV, the fourth annual national conference on health data transparency, which brings together government, nonprofit and private sector organizations to explore the potential for open data from HHS and other sources to further improve health and healthcare.

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The Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services has released new data – including county-level data on average Medicare spending and utilization for the first time, as well as selected data on hospital outpatient charges. Also, ONC released additional information on the adoption of specific electronic health record systems, as well as the winners of new opportunities for building innovative tools that build off health data.

“We’re a great believer that unlocking that data (and) turning it over to those who know how to formulate that data for policymakers and providers is the best possible thing to do,” Sebelius told a packed audience at the Washington-based Health Datapalooza event on Monday. “The fact that this is growing by leaps and bounds is a good indication that we can leapfrog over years and decades of inaction into an exciting new future empowering consumers, providing doctors with data, allowing us to pay in more reasonable ways,” Sebelius added. 

Big Data and Healthcare Analytics Forum June 4-5 Washington

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Today HHS released data and tools that will help researchers and consumers take advantage of health information:

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