5 reasons CME must (and will) change

June 12, 2013 in Medical Technology

As in many fields, it’s taken for granted that a physician’s education never really ends. But when it comes to continuing medical education, many healthcare stakeholders believe that the current system is, in a nutshell, broken.

A 2010 report from the Institute of Medicine, “Redesigning Continuing Education in the Health Professions,” summed it up: “The absence of a comprehensive and well-integrated system of continuing education in the health professions is an important contributing factor to knowledge and performance deficiencies at the individual and system levels.”

Indeed, those “deficiencies” translate into a significantly increased risk of patient safety incidents as a result of provider error.

As Matthew Hanis, vice president of sales for Boston-based Advanced Practice Strategies, put it recently, “There are judgment and knowledge errors that lead to problems.”

Solving those problems – or, rather, eliminating them altogether – is a big part of APS’ mission, and its method involves offering physicians CME tools that aim to be both targeted and demonstrably effective.

According to Hanis, APS’ focus on CME grew out of its original mission to provide physicians with “evidentiary delivery materials” for use in defending themselves against malpractice suits. The business was growing nicely, Hanis said, “But then the team decided to take it a step further by tackling the question of how to keep those cases from coming into the courtroom in the first place.”

The answer, APS concluded, was to work on eliminating the very errors for which providers were finding themselves on trial. And that came down to developing CME tools that will, at the very least, reduce the risk of patient injury by ensuring that physicians are armed with up-to-date training and clinical knowledge.

As Hanis sees it, there are five reasons why the current CME system is bound to change:

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