The Brazilian public healthcare system has a lot of potential for improvement

June 17, 2013 in Medical Technology

Marcos Garcia, vice president of Cerner Brasil, spoke to E-Health Reporter during the Hospitalar 2013 Fair.

EHealth Reporter Latin America: What new products are Cerner presenting at Hospitalar and what are your projections for Latin America?

Marcos García: We want to contribute to improved administration of hospitals and healthcare in general with Cerner’s tools and solutions.

The company is American but has a major presence in Europe and Asia. Most of Cerner’s employees are located outside the United States. In Latin America, although we have a small number of clients at the moment, we can see that there is very great interest in our technology.

This is for two reasons: the first is that there are many globally prestigious hospitals in the region that know that to practice medicine one doesn’t just need the best X-Ray machine but also first class information technology systems. These clients are interested in achieving excellence.

Another interested sector in Latin America are healthcare organizations that realize that the system is unsustainable because of unlimited demand and limited resources. They want to use information technology to apply their resources where they can help the most. Our experiences in Europe, such as those in the United Kingdom and Spain, are very useful in this regard. On those two points we are seeing great interest from Latin America and we believe that we are going to be successful.

EHRLA: Is Cerner technology the same in every country?

MG: Our technology is adaptable. The software is the same for every country but it is a configurable system that can be adapted to the differences between different countries, especially with regard to billing and legislation. There are also other factors that can be different. We have invested 400 million dollars a year on developing new functions for our software and it is very difficult for a small local provider to compete with that kind of investment.

EHRLA: What support do you offer your clients?

MG: We have help centers in different countries that allow us to offer 24 hour assistance in all the languages that our clients speak. If, for example, a client in Chile has a very specific problem then they might have to speak to support staff in English, but we have a simultaneous translation system that makes it possible to ensure that our customers can communicate properly. In Latin America people are very interested in efficiency and excellence so we think that thanks to our experience and our ability to innovate the region could be a major market for us at this time.

EHRLA: Is it one of your current objectives to focus on the Latin American market?

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