Verizon doubles down on telehealth

July 19, 2013 in Medical Technology

Verizon announced Thursday it is partnering with two telehealth solutions providers – Carematix and Sonicu – and is offering its Partner Program initiative to serve as a catalyst toward the adoption of machine-to-machine (M2M) wireless healthcare solutions in the marketplace.

As the healthcare IT industry continues to evolve, a growing number of medical device manufacturers are bringing to market innovative M2M solutions to enable better patient care, Verizon officials sais in a news release. Recently, Verizon has consolidated and redesigned its Partner Program into a new streamlined organization.

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A new report, “Verizon Partner Program Highlights increased Mobile Operator focus on mHealth Solutions” provides a snapshot of the existing landscape and exams different strategies mobile operators implemented to ensure success within the M2M healthcare market.

“mHealth is a key driver in the world’s developed and developing regions, through growth in both dedicated devices and mobile handsets,” said Gina Luk, senior analyst of Mobile Workforce Strategies (MWS) and author of the report. “Strategy Analytics is pleased to see Verizon expanding its partnership and offering a portfolio of managed, IT and consulting services for the healthcare industry to help transform patient care delivery, enhance access to care and better manage costs.”

“Verizon has more to gain than just forming an alliance to ensure a better healthcare,” added Andrew Brown, director of M2M research at Strategy Analytics. “There are also many opportunities for Verizon to offer value-added services to the healthcare industry using the cellular network and build out extensive managed mobility portfolios by leveraging technologies and network related to managed mobility to their M2M mhealth portfolios.

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