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July 25, 2013 in Medical Technology

Clinical health IT vendor Surescripts has expanded its reach by enabling five additional health technology vendors to offer clinical messaging capabilities to their users, company officials announced Thursday.   

Surescripts’ Basic Messaging and Communications product for clinical interoperability will now be offered to all users of Inofile, Greenway, SCI Solutions and Vitera. SOAPware users will be able to communicate with users on the Surescripts network using a HISP-to-HISP connection. These enhanced capabilities will allow care providers to seamlessly communicate and share important clinical information through a secure and integrated messaging service powered by the Surescripts network, Surescripts officials said in a news release.


“Clinical messaging enables the safe and timely exchange of electronic health information across rapidly evolving healthcare communities,” said Jeff Miller, senior vice president and general manager of clinical interoperability for Surescripts, in a news release. “We are thrilled to expand our network reach to include these leading organizations and to provide innovative solutions to improve overall care and patient outcomes.”


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The Surescripts network allows clinical care information, including immunization summaries, CCDs, referrals, discharge summaries and lab results, to be transmitted between peers, practices and health systems locally and nationally across all technology platforms. The network supports all federal and state policies and standards for health information exchange, including privacy and security standards, technology interoperability standards, and message types.


According to Surescripts, the company’s clinical messaging capabilities have the ability to connect to an eligible universe of more than 300,000 care providers in acute care and ambulatory settings across the U.S. Epic, GE Medical, NewCrop, NextGen and several other health technology vendors are also connected to the Surescripts network. 



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