CDC locks in Lockheed Martin for $47.7M

August 28, 2013 in Medical Technology

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has awarded Lockheed Martin a $47.7 million contract to continue providing information technology and operational and logistics support for multiple divisions of the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response.

These services are vital to ensure CDC OPHPR can help the nation prepare for and respond to public health threats and emergencies, say CDC officials.

“At the national, state and local levels, OPHPR manages many elements of our country’s public health and emergency response capability,” said Glenn Kurowski, vice president of health and life sciences for Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems Global Solutions business, in a press release. “Lockheed Martin has been a longtime CDC partner supporting multiple requirements; we take a mission-focused approach to design and implement tailored IT and operational solutions that help protect our citizens.”

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Since 1999, Lockheed Martin has provided around-the-clock IT, consulting and emergency operations to CDC’s OPHPR during public health incidents and normal operations, according to CDC.

Lockheed Martin also provides infrastructure services for the Strategic National Stockpile, which stores medicine and medical supplies to protect the American public if a severe public health emergency depletes local resources.

Lockheed Martin supports staffing and training for the CDC’s Emergency Operations Center, and is partnering with the EOC on a dashboard to enable federal, state and local agencies to share data in real time. Over the past five years, Lockheed Martin also helped CDC process more than $4 billion in grant money to aid state and local public health departments to better prepare for public health emergency and response.

Under the new contract, Lockheed Martin will provide: 

  • Expertise and services (consulting, technical, professional, logistical and administrative) to enable OPHPR to meet its public health and preparedness mission;
  • Infrastructure and IT applications that enable accounting and tracking capabilities for the Division of the Strategic National Stockpile;
  • Support for the Division of Emergency Operations to ensure public health emergency and response efforts are coordinated efficiently; Management and support of the Division of State and Local Readiness’ grant management program, Preparedness Emergency Response System for Oversight, Reporting and Management Services (PERFORMS).

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