URAC puts focus on care transitions

September 14, 2013 in Medical Technology

Ever since URAC developed its first healthcare case management accreditation 14 years ago, it has evolved to stay atop a fast-changing industry. Its latest program enables the application of case management standards across care settings, so providers can demonstrate outcomes-based, patient-centered, high-value care.

“Case management accreditation provides an essential set of standards and performance measures that all applicant organizations must meet,” said URAC President and CEO Kylanne Green, in a press statement. “Aligning with health reform goals and emerging industry best practices, we have updated our Case Management Accreditation standards to address the increasing demand for excellence in care coordination.”

URAC’s revised standards require organizations to clearly define their role regarding transitions of care, promoting better coordinated care for consumers. They also emphasize the development of evidence-based, individualized goals that promote quality healthcare outcomes and ensure that consumers experience safe and effective care transitions across settings.

Additionally, the new criteria emphasize the critical role of information technology to achieve and measure case management performance goals, and they encourage patient engagement to achieve self-management and optimal levels of wellness.

Case management accreditation performance measures have been updated and expanded to include public domain measures focusing in the areas of health outcomes and care transitions, officials say.

With an additional designation in transitions of care, URAC aims to ensure safe and effective patient handoffs. Requirements for that designation build upon the foundational care standards included in the case management accreditation, officials say. It gives a seal of approval showing that organizations offer services to handle transitions as they occur, including the timely transfer of information between the appropriate parties.

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