Boston Children’s takes care global

September 26, 2013 in Medical Technology

Boston Children’s Hospital is going global with its pediatric care, already renowned around the world. The idea is to give more children, regardless of where they live, the best care possible and to share expertise that can help save lives. The new initiative is spured by an open mind on the part of Boston Children’s Hospital team and a technology platform developed by IBM.

Today, Boston Children’s and IBM announced OPENPediatrics, touting it as the world’s first global education technology platform. The aim: to transform how pediatric medicine is taught and practiced around the world. The technology is designed to improve the exchange of medical knowledge on the care of critically ill children regardless of the resources available.

Every year, nearly 7 million children under age five die from illnesses such as pneumonia, diarrhea and malaria despite the availability of life-saving medical solutions, according to Boston Children’. The new technology platform – called OPENPediatrics – equips doctors and nurses with the knowledge and skills they need to save children’s lives during intensive care situations. The initiative will extend beyond critical care as adoption of the platform grows, officials said in launching the project.

IBM developed the technology platform – employing some of its existing technologies – at IBM Labs in Cambridge, Mass.

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In its pilot phase, more than 1,000 doctors and nurses in 74 countries on six continents are employing OPENPediatrics in their work.

OPENPediatrics brings specialized medical knowledge from expert clinicians to thousands of pediatric caregivers across the globe. Through an on-demand, interactive, digital and social learning experience, medical professionals are trained and equipped to perform critical-care procedures and provide life-saving treatment for children who would not otherwise have access to intensive care.

“Nothing breaks down walls and brings people together like caring for a critically ill child,” said Jeffrey Burns, MD, chief of Critical Care Medicine at Boston Children’s Hospital, in announcing Boston Children’s plans.

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“With IBM’s technology arsenal and our critical care expertise, we partnered to bring our vision of stronger pediatric care to countries across the globe.  In doing so, we’re extending the reach of medical education to help save children’s lives and laying the groundwork for the digital hospital of the future.”

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