Healthcare rides high in The Netherlands

December 9, 2013 in Medical Technology

The article states that there are 92 acute hospitals in The Netherlands, of which 84 are private and just eight are in public hands – all of which are academic. There are just a few chief information officers because IT is thought of more as a cost to the business and not as a strategic part of management, therefore IT staff are on the front line. This factor has not prevented investment in IT, quite the converse as data show that Dutch hospitals score very highly in the use of IT systems.

Hospitals spend about 6% of their budgets on IT, which amounts to an average of around €15 million annually. This equates to a national annual spend on hospital IT of approximately €1.25 billion.

Over 90% of hospitals have a wireless LAN, consequently there is high adoption of wireless/mobile devices – around one mobile device per 9–14 members of staff.

The use of clinical systems in Dutch hospitals is even more impressive. According to the HIMSS Analytics/directory/analytics” target=”_blank” class=”directory-item-link”Analytics survey, almost each hospital has an electronic patient record, electronic prescribing system, physician documentation, radiology information system and radiology PACS installed. Further to this ~80% have order entry systems.

The HIMSS Analytics EMR adoption model (EMRAM) is designed to identify the level of electronic medical record capabilities in a hospital. Levels of technology adoption are classified by eight grades all the way up to a completely paperless model with intelligent informatics capabilities. As expected in The Netherlands there are many hospitals having high scores – with nearly 30% achieving stage five.

For a comprehensive summary of the published data and to view the article in full, see the latest issue of HIMSS Insights

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