HIMSS14 Pre-Conference: Focused knowledge, intense experience

January 22, 2014 in Medical Technology

HIMSS Pre-Conference Symposia and Workshops, on Feb. 22 and 23, allow attendees a dive deep into topics critical to their success. Here are five big reasons why attending a Pre-Conference Symposium or Workshop is critical to your professional and organizational success.

In-Depth, Interactive Learning: Pre-conference sessions provide more time for reflection and discussion of ideas and information. This allows participants to make connections to their own work and environments that are often not possible during a regular 60-minute education session.

Hands-On Education: Pre-conference sessions offer hands-on experiences or demos of systems or components that typically aren’t available in the general education sessions.

Prepare for the Rest of HIMSS14: Attending a pre-conference session helps acclimate you to the rest of HIMSS14, enabling you to get comfortable with the schedule for the next several days. You also have an opportunity to meet other HIMSS14 attendees in a small group setting, which can help you make new friends or connections.

Finds Answers to Your Greatest Challenges: Each topic offers a primer on the major issues and challenges facing health IT professionals working in the area. Sessions offer case studies or evidence-based lessons on what works and what doesn’t in practice. Each symposium or workshop offers suggestions for a path forward, an action plan or call to arms for addressing the issues and challenges in the future.

Build Your Knowledge—Year After Year: The biggest change from previous years is a focus within many of the sessions on measuring and/or achieving quality and value from health IT systems. Recent years focused on meaningful use and adoption of systems. Now that many health facilities have systems, clinical leaders are interested in maximizing their value and transforming quality beyond Meaningful Use criteria.

Discover more about HIMSS14 Pre-Conference Symposia and Workshops.

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