Iatric, Welch Allyn bring vitals to EHR

February 19, 2014 in Medical Technology

In a bid to bring more “timely, accurate data” into electronic health records, integration specialists Iatric Systems and diagnostic device maker Welch Allyn are partnering to automate the delivery of vital signs directly to a patient’s EHR.

Welch Allyn will make us of Iatric’s Accelero Connect technology to automate how vital signs are captured and recorded in patient’s charts, eliminating the need for nurses to record results by hand and then manually enter the data into the EHR.

That should save time, make for more accurate and complete documentation and speed physicians’ access to critical information, officials say.

Accelero Connect enables seamless connection between Welch Allyn devices and hospital EHRs made by any vendor. The tool supports point-of-care barcode scanning at the Welch Allyn device to confirm positive patient identification in the EHR system. Hospitals can also use it to expand EHR integration to other device types, such as smart pumps, ventilators and anesthesia machines.

“Accelero Connect has exceptional integration capabilities and is scalable,” said Stephen F. Meyer, president and CEO of Welch Allyn, in a press statement. “Together we can provide hospitals with an enterprise-wide solution to seamlessly capture and access patient information at the point of care.?”

“Welch Allyn has built an outstanding reputation in the healthcare industry for cutting-edge medical device technology and giving frontline caregivers accurate, dependable readings,” said Iatric Systems President Frank Fortner in a statement. “That reputation and the goal we share – to improve lives – made Welch Allyn an obvious choice as a partner.”

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