Privacy and security implications continue as major topic at HIMSS14

February 23, 2014 in Medical Technology

In the midst of historic legislation and innovations in technology, concerns about secured patient information remain a top-of-mind concern for patients, providers, vendors and healthcare enterprise executives. Recognizing this, the Annual HIMSS Conference Exhibition continues to keep privacy and security a major focal point of its education sessions.

“As the nation moves forward with greater urgency toward the system-wide adoption of electronic health records, the essential core functionality to ensure the match of a patient with his or her information remains conspicuously absent,” says Carla Smith, MA, CNM, FHIMSS, HIMSS Executive Vice President. “The multitude of different solutions and the lack of a national coordinated approach to patient-data matching pose major challenges for our health information infrastructure. Patient safety, privacy, and security depend on getting this core element right, and soon.”

The day-long Privacy Security Pre-Conference Symposium will explore this issue in-depth, says Smith. “Participants will learn why patient data matching plays a critical role in healthcare, and how organizations are successfully meeting the challenges of healthcare identity management,” she explains. Practitioners from several hospitals will join leaders representing national healthcare associations to present examples of how organizations are successfully meeting the challenges of healthcare identity management. Each session will take attendees through a real-life use case where the presenter will describe a different aspect of the identity challenge, explain the issues they were facing, and illustrate the approach they took to solve the problems, including specific steps taken and lessons learned.

Visit the Exhibit Hall’s Mobile Health Knowledge Center in Hall E, Booth 7745 to learn more about the mHIMSS Roadmap. Privacy and security is a major component of this comprehensive report.

Be sure to also visit the HIMSS Bookstore in Lobby C for the latest publications on privacy and security. HIMSS Books’ currently has three best-sellers on the topic, including Information Security in Healthcare: Managing Risk; Information Privacy in the Evolving Healthcare Environment; and Information Security in Healthcare: Building a Security Program. All will be sold at a discount during HIMSS14 and all are available in softcover, eBook and Kindle editions.

You can use the HIMSS14 web site Education Session search tool to find general sessions on the topic of privacy and security.

You can also participate. HIMSS has announced its Annual Call for Committee Volunteers for the 2014-15 fiscal year. The Privacy and Security Committee guides implementation of strategic initiatives that promote the privacy and security of healthcare information and management systems.  The Committee strives to achieve the Board’s goal:  By 2014, all entities that use, send or store health information meets requirements for confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability based on sound risk management practices, using recognized standards and protocols. The application is open through March 6. Apply now.

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