‘She’s got a lot of passion around it’

February 26, 2014 in Medical Technology

Healthcare IT News talked with several HIMSS14 attendees at Hillary Clinton’s keynote on Wednesday to ask them why they had decided to attend. Most said they wanted to hear especially what she had to say about healthcare, healthcare reform and healthcare IT. Clinton delivered. She engaged the audience with a targeted, detailed speech that began and ended with healthcare IT.

Tamara Stepanik, a data base administrator for two EHR systems within Immanuel, primarily an assisted living care organization in Omaha, Neb. I’m not part of her political party. But, I’m just interested. I just like to hear both sides of the aisle about healthcare – whatever the issues are that are going on. I keep an open mind. Absolutely I think she could be the next president, and I kind of have a prediction that she will be the next president, actually.

Tab Chowdbury, senior enterprise architect, Optum, Farmington, Minn. I wanted to go home, but my wife said – this is true – ‘go there.’ Because someday she might be president. This is probably as close as I’m going to get to someone like this. It’s a good opportunity. I wish I could meet her personally, but she’s not going to shake hands with 7,000 people.

Toni Kay, senior policy analyst, American Medical Association I’m here because I work in developing performance measures – quality measures. So, this is a big part of healthcare reform is paying for quality of healthcare. I’d like to hear what direction she may take this, or if she’ll take it further. How we measure quality of our healthcare. What direction she would take things if she were to get elected. I’d like to hear what her plans are for further action. She was very involved in healthcare reform in the ’90s.

Elvia Chavarria, senior policy analyst, American Medical Association Whether she runs or she doesn’t, I’d like to get a sense of what her platform would be in general. Certainly to our specific issues, which is quality measures, quality cost. If she has a framework in mind or what some of her thoughts are.

Russell Ohmanns, Integris Health, manager of clinical informatics I’m interested in hearing more about what she thinks the policy really should be and if it really differs from the policy that president Obama has put forth and whether it’s different or not.

Jerry Wong, director of finance, Kaiser Permanente I think I’m really interested in general in getting her perspective on health IT and what it’s going to take. Especially since she’s an influential female leader, I’m interested in what she has to say. When she was the First Lady, I think she led kind of an offshoot program trying to work in healthcare reform. It didn’t really get anywhere, but knowing she’s got a lot of passion around it.

Joy Jin, policy analyst, American Medical Association Healthcare is a big focus of hers, and now that something has been moved forward, what her thoughts are, maybe what’s different than when she took a crack at it – now, I’m talking about healthcare reform. What her thoughts are now, with its positive and negatives.

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