Nearly Half of Large Hospitals Could Buy New EHR Systems by 2016

February 28, 2014 in News

Nearly half of large U.S. hospitals could purchase a new electronic health record system by 2016, according to a recent KLAS report, Health Data Management reports.

Report Details, Findings       

For the report, titled “Acute Care EMR 2014: The Next Buying Wave,” KLAS researchers interviewed 277 providers from hospitals with at least 200 beds. The providers were asked about:

  • Which vendors they are considering;
  • Why they are considering those vendors; and
  • Their timeframe for making an EHR purchasing decision.

The EHR vendors included in the KLAS report are:

  • Allscripts;
  • Cerner;
  • Epic;
  • McKesson;
  • MEDITECH; and
  • Siemens (Slabodkin, Health Data Management, 2/28).

Of the providers who said they were considering purchasing a new EHR system:

  • 34% said they already have selected a vendor; and
  • 44% said they are strongly leaning toward a certain vendor.

Colin Buckley, author of the report, said, “Where the last round of [EHR] purchases was fueled by meaningful use requirements and enticing reimbursements, this next round is being fueled by concerns about outdated technology and health system consolidation.” He added, “This shift in focus will play a major factor in which [EHRs] are being considered” (KLAS release, 2/25).

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