FDA Seeks Contractor To Monitor Social Media Discussions

March 3, 2014 in News

Last week, FDA posted a notice on the Federal Business Opportunities website announcing that it is seeking a contractor to monitor social media discussions on prescription drugs and other FDA-regulated products and to determine how social media posts change in response to FDA risk warnings, NextGov reports.

Project Details

According to the notice, FDA is seeking a contractor that can provide the agency with historical information about social media conversations on FDA-regulated products, including:

  • Drugs;
  • Food;
  • Tobacco; and
  • Medical devices.

FDA also wants the selected contractor to track future shifts in conversation tone and volume (Marks, NextGov, 2/28).

Specifically, the notice states FDA’s objectives are to:

  • Analyze social media to provide baselines on consumer feelings before FDA communications;
  • Analyze consumer feelings on social media after FDA communications;
  • Conduct in-house social media monitoring; and
  • Monitor Social media for early detection of food-borne illness and adverse events (FBO notice, 2/25).

In addition, the notice states that the contractor should be able to track:

  • Discussion volume over time;
  • Top sources of social media discussions;
  • Popular forums for discussion on FDA topics;
  • Top-cited news stories;
  • Overarching themes of discussions;
  • Word clouds or message maps;
  • Samples of consumer comments; and
  • Sentiment analysis (NextGov, 2/28).

In September 2013, FDA awarded a similar contract to IB5k to analyze its social media presence (iHealthBeat, 9/24/13).

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