CDC Data Show Wide Dipartites in State EHR Adoption Rates

March 20, 2014 in News

Although health care providers in some states have made significant progress in adopting electronic health records, other states continue to lag behind, according to a survey by CDC, Stateline/Philadelphia Inquirer reports.

State-by-State EHR Adoption Rates

Overall, 48% of office-based physicians reported using EHRs in 2013, up from 40% in 2012 and 11% in 2006, according to the CDC data.

The three states with the top EHR adoption rates are:

  • North Dakota, at 83%;
  • Minnesota, at 76%; and
  • Massachusetts, at 70%.

However, many states ranked below the national average, including:

  • Connecticut, at 30%;
  • Maryland, at 37%;
  • New Jersey, at 21%;
  • Nevada, at 33 %;
  • Oklahoma, at 37%;
  • Pennsylvania, at 41%;
  • Vermont, at 37%;
  • Washington, D.C., at 31%;
  • West Virginia, at 37%; and
  • Wyoming, at 37%.

Reasons for Disparities

According to Stateline/Inquirer, it is unclear why there are disparities in EHR adoptions among states.

However, researchers do have insight into the types of physicians who are more likely to embrace EHRs.

A recent Government Accountability Office report showed that:

  • Primary care doctors are nearly two times as likely to adopt EHRs as specialist doctors;
  • Doctors practicing in a group setting are more likely to adopt EHRs than those in solo practices; and
  • Young physicians are more likely to adopt than older practitioners (Vestal, Stateline/Philadelphia Inquirer, 3/20).
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