Survey Finds Spike in EHR Adoption Among Solo Physician Offices

March 25, 2014 in News

Solo physician practices’ adoption of electronic health records increased significantly over the last year, according to a survey by SKA, Health Data Management reports (Slabodkin, Health Data Management, 3/24).

Study Details

For the study, researchers at SKA surveyed 270,036 medical sites over the phone about their EHR adoption.

SKA conducted the survey as part of a multi-year contract with the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT to track EHR adoption rates and planned use (SKA release, 3/24).

Survey Findings

Overall, the survey found that EHR adoption grew from 50.3% in 2013 to 61% in 2014. Specifically, it showed EHR adoption rates increased by:

  • 11.4 percentage points — from 42.3% to 53.7% — among single physician offices;
  • 1.6 percentage points — from 75.9% to 77.5% — among offices with at least 26 physicians; and
  • 8 percentage points — from 63.4% to 71.4% — among integrated delivery systems.  

Jack Schember, senior director of marketing for SKA, attributed the large growth rate among solo practices to “the availability of more than 450 different solutions to fit their practice needs, size and budget.”

Meanwhile, the survey found that EHR adoption rates were:

  • 69.6% among practices with three to five physicians; and
  • 78.1% among practices with 11 to 25 physicians.

According to the survey, physician specialties with the highest EHR adoption rates are:

  • Dialysis, at 80.6%;
  • Internal medicine/pediatrics, at 75.8%;
  • Nephrology, at 70.5%; and
  • Pathology, at 69.4%.

In addition, the survey found that the five states with the highest EHR adoption rates are:

  • Utah, at 71.6%;
  • South Dakota, at 71.2%;
  • Wyoming, at 71%;
  • Iowa, at 70.8%; and
  • North Dakota, at 69.2% (Health Data Management, 3/24).
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