Georgia’s just peachy for health IT jobs

May 23, 2014 in Medical Technology

A new report from the Institute for Healthcare Information Technology finds ample opportunity for job-seekers in Georgia, with thousands of IT roles waiting to be filled between providers and vendors.

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Georgia Healthcare IT Workforce Readiness Survey polled vendors, hospitals and clinicians across the Peach State, asking about their plans to expand and hire in-state workers, and also about their thoughts of how prepared Georgia’s educational institutions are to provide candidates qualified for health IT jobs.

There are more than 4,700 healthcare technology jobs in the state, according to the survey, conducted with help from Porter Research and Billian’s HealthDATA.

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Especially ripe for the picking are jobs that are traditionally hard to fill, according to IHIT, such as data modelers, business intelligence experts, IT auditors, and information architects.

“Clearly there will be increased demand for specialized healthcare technology roles, and the workforce readiness survey provides early insight as we work to align business and state resources to address the challenges that lie ahead,”said Tino Mantella, IHIT board member and CEO of the Technology Association of Georgia, in a press statement.

“Georgia continues to lead the way in providing jobs in this growing industry,” added David Hartnett, IHIT board member and interim senior vice president of economic development for the Metro Atlanta Chamber.

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