Federal Agencies Launch New Database To Drive Pain Research

May 28, 2014 in News

On Tuesday, NIH and five other federal agencies launched the Interagency Pain Research Portfolio, an online database designed to facilitate pain research, Medical Daily reports (Rivas, Medical Daily, 5/27).

Database Development

The database was developed by NIH and members of the Interagency Pain Research Coordinating Committee.

Other federal agencies involved in the project include:

  • The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality;
  • CDC;
  • The Department of Defense;
  • The Department of Veterans Affairs; and
  • FDA.

IPRP is managed by the Office of Pain Policy, part of NIH’s National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (NIH release, 5/27).

Database Details

The database gives users access to more than 1,200 research projects that are organized into two tiers.

The first tier includes:

  • Basic research projects;
  • Research projects that focus on a particular disease; and
  • Clinical research projects.

The second tier sorts projects into 29 different topic categories related to pain, such as bio-behavioral and psychosocial mechanisms, and chronic overlapping conditions (Medical Daily, 5/27). The 29 pain categories are organized into nine research themes:

  • Basic to clinical;
  • Disparities;
  • Human traits and surveillance;
  • Instruments and tools;
  • Overlapping conditions;
  • Pain mechanisms;
  • Risk factors and causes;
  • Training and education; and
  • Use of services, treatments and interventions.

Linda Porter, policy adviser for pain at NINDS, said that the database “will provide the public and the research community with an important tool” that will allow them to search for “individual research projects or sets of projects grouped by themes uniquely relevant to pain” and also help them identify “potential collaborators by searching for topic areas of interest or for investigators” (NIH release, 5/27).

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