Practice Fusion Taps EHRs To Create Real-Time Clinical Database

May 28, 2014 in News

Last week, electronic health record vendor Practice Fusion launched a new database containing millions of patients’ electronic health records to provide real-time data on disease outbreaks, prescribing patterns and diagnoses, VentureBeat reports.

About the Database

Practice Fusion created the database, called Insights, using information collected from its no-cost, Web-based electronic health record software (Sullivan, Venture Beat, 5/23).

The database includes more than 81 million de-identified patient records from the more than 112,000 physicians who use the company’s EHR software (Lee, “The Tech Chronicles,” San Francisco Chronicle, 5/21).

The database is available to the public through both no-cost and premium memberships.   

The no-cost version allows users to:

  • Find the current and historical market share of prescription medications, compared with other drugs within a given drug class;
  • Discover trending diagnoses to determine a real-time view of disease outbreaks;
  • Compare diagnosis trends over time to find patterns in seasonal infections;
  • Sort patients with a given diagnosis by body mass index, age and gender; and
  • Identify the top 100 national diagnoses in Practice Fusion’s EHR system.   

Meanwhile, the premium version of the database allows users:

  • Increased access to patient profile information, prescriber information, prescription drug switching and treatment flow;
  • To access filters to select data on specific patient subpopulations;
  • To view market share information for prescription medications within a given patient subpopulation; and
  • To request custom-curated reports with real-time performance reviews of drugs in the outpatient market (Diana, InformationWeek, 5/21).
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