Apple Unveils Tool To Compile Health Data From Various Apps

June 4, 2014 in News

On Monday, Apple introduced a new mobile application and platform that aims to consolidate health data tracked by various other health apps into one location, Reuters reports (Farr/Chan, Reuters, 6/2).

Apple introduced the product at its Worldwide Developers Conference (Tahir, Modern Healthcare, 6/2).

Details of Product

Apple’s product includes both the platform, called HealthKit, and a user-facing app called Health (Comstock, MobiHealthNews, 6/2). It will be bundled into Apple’s iOS8 software, which powers iPhones and iPads (Reuters, 6/2).

Apple partnered with several organizations to develop the product, including:

  • The Mayo Clinic, which has technology that allows users to view blood pressure, weight and other vital signs via a dashboard interface and share data with their providers (Grayson, Minneapolis/St. Paul Business Journal, 6/2);
  • Nike, which has a fitness tracking app;
  • Epic Systems, which could develop a framework to integrate HealthKit users’ data with Epic’s MyChart app;
  • Fitbit;
  • Wahoo Fitness;
  • iHealth; and
  • Withings.


Apple Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi said that “up until now” the information in apps created by various developers to track users’ health and fitness has been “in silos,” preventing users from accessing a “single comprehensive picture of [their] health situation.”

He added that HealthKit now “provides a single place that applications can contribute to a composite profile of [users'] activity and health” (MobiHealthNews, 6/2).

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