House Committee Seeking Input on Barriers to Health IT Adoption

June 18, 2014 in News

On Tuesday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee released a health IT-focused white paper and asked for public comment on the legal and commercial barriers that prevent health-related technologies from being adopted on a larger scale, Health Data Management reports.

Details of White Paper

The white paper highlights the potential of several technologies, including:

  • Data analytics;
  • Genomics;
  • Health IT; and
  • Mobile medical applications (Slabodkin, Health Data Management, 6/18).

The white paper acknowledges the potential for medical innovation to contribute to health data aggregation and disease tracking, The Hill reports. However, the committee notes that such new technologies raise concerns about the regulation of the health care industry (Al-Faruque, The Hill, 6/17).

The committee is seeking input from stakeholders on both the legal and commercial barriers to further adoption of medical technologies and what role Congress should play in addressing those challenges (Health Data Management, 6/18).

Specifically, the committee asks for comments on:

  • Whether using technologies to compile big health data can infringe on patient privacy; and
  • Whether health care providers have sufficient security in place to prevent such infringement (The Hill, 6/17).

In the white paper, the committee writes, “We are committed to making sure our legal and regulatory framework fosters the development of such a digital health care ecosystem and allows it to serve as a catalyst for the discovery, development, and delivery of new treatments and cures for patients,” adding, “We are not there yet. The committee seeks guidance about how this vision can become a reality and what role Congress can play in the process.”

Stakeholders have until July 22 to comment on the white paper.

Meanwhile, the committee on June 24 will host its second 21st Century Cures roundtable discussion on steps that Congress can take to “bridge the gap” between new technologies, regulatory policies and patient safety (Health Data Management, 6/18).

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