EHNAC To Launch Accreditation Program for ACOs, IT Service Groups

July 23, 2014 in News

On Monday, the Electronic Healthcare Network Accreditation Commission announced plans to launch an accreditation program focusing on accountable care organizations and related IT service groups, Clinical Innovation Technology reports (Pedulli, Clinical Innovation Technology, 7/21).

ACO Accreditation Program Details

The ACO program was designed with input from various stakeholders and focuses on both ACOs and the payers and vendors with which they work (Goedert, Health Data Management, 7/21).

During the program, EHNAC will work with ACOs to assess:

  • Compliance with federal mandates, such as HIPAA and the HITECH Act;
  • Data exchange connectivity;
  • Network infrastructure (Bresnick, EHR Intelligence, 7/21); and
  • Technical performance (Health Data Management, 7/21).

In addition, the program will focus on ACOs’:

  • Business processes;
  • Patient care coordination;
  • Performance on quality metrics;
  • Population health management; and
  • Resource management (EHR Intelligence, 7/21).

The program will also help ACOs identify ways the groups can improve service quality and efficiency.

According to EHNAC, the program — which is expected to go live in Oct. 1 — has been beta-tested by two organizations:

  • Capital Clinical Integrated Network; and
  • HEALTHEC (Clinical Innovation Technology, 7/21).

EHNAC also is seeking participants from:

  • Existing ACOs;
  • State agencies; and
  • Other stakeholders (EHR Intelligence, 7/21).

EHNAC Executive Director Lee Barrett said the program will “giv[e] a third-party stamp of approval to those ACO stakeholders who have demonstrated the secure management of protected health information and can provide assurances to their overall corporate integrity and trust between entities” (Health Data Management, 7/21).

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