Bon Secours launches Premier BI platform

August 1, 2014 in Medical Technology

As it works to get a more valuable, holistic view of its clinical and financial data, Bon Secours Health System is rolling out a cloud-based data warehouse and business intelligence platform from Premier Inc.

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A $3.4 billion not-for-profit Catholic health system with more than 22,000 caregivers helping people across six states, Bon Secours has been using Premier’s supply chain technologies to drive clinical and operational improvements for years.

The PremierConnect Enterprise platform will enable the health system to access, integrate and interpret its clinical, financial and operational data to arrive at predictive and prescriptive analytics, officials say.

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“When it comes to healthcare, identifying the value of data is a complex challenge,” said Skip Hubbard, Bon Secours’ senior vice president for business intelligence and performance improvement, in a press statement.

“One data point does not yield an insight and even a set of data doesn’t give us the full picture,” he added. “In order to meaningfully improve the way care is delivered to a patient population, we need our data analytics to make connections that translate into actionable intelligence.”

PremierConnect Enterprise includes membership in the Data Alliance Collaborative, an initiative led by providers that are co-developing analytics and BI tools to improve population health and operational performance.

The DAC comprises of eight of the leading health systems in the U.S., as well as Premier, the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and IBM. Its members are working toward more cost-effective, patient-centered care, better aligned with the transition to value-based models such as accountable care organizations.

“This partnership is a key step in helping us predict community needs,” said Marlon Priest, MD, executive vice president and chief medical officer at Bon Secours, in a statement. “It is a major part of our strategy to make care more affordable through clinical transformation.”

The PremierConnect platform houses patient data on one in three U.S. hospital discharges and approximately $41 billion in annual provider purchases, while enabling real-time member interactions across the nation.

“It’s challenging to grapple with machines, devices and multiple technologies that don’t exchange information with each other,” said Keith Figlioli, senior vice president of healthcare informatics at Premier. “Because Premier is vendor- and payer-agnostic, we have the ability to provide the whole data picture, making it a lot harder for unnecessary variation to hide, and a lot easier drive change.”

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