Maryland’s HIE Facilitates Data-Centric Projects To Improve Care

August 16, 2014 in News

Maryland’s health information exchange has set the stage for how health IT can be leveraged to successfully identify at-risk patient populations, allowing for more rapid, targeted care that can improve patient health and reduce hospital admissions, Business Insider reports.

HIE Details

Maryland’s HIE — called the Chesapeake Regional Information System for our Patients, or CRISP — is used by:

  • All 46 of the state’s acute-care hospitals; and
  • More than 150 other health care organizations.

Through the HIE, health care providers at hospitals, emergency departments and labs are able to electronically share millions of patient records with providers and institutions across the state.

Specifically, the HIE’s data have been used at the state level to map disease “hotspots” in real time so that providers can more quickly and adeptly respond to health issues.

In addition, the HIE has supplemented local reform programs throughout the state that use its data to respond to health conditions quicker and more effectively.

For example, the Health Planning Coalition has leveraged the HIE’s data at the local level to:

  • Track and reduce adults’ tobacco use;
  • Reduce the obesity rate in Allegany County; and
  • Identify and address areas where patients face barriers to care, such as lack of transportation.

Barry Ronan, the president and CEO of the Western Maryland Hospital System, said, “CRISP is what a health information exchange should be in 2014″ (Logiurato, Business Insider, 8/11).

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