Todd Park begins new chapter

August 22, 2014 in Medical Technology

U.S. chief technology officer Todd Park is reportedly packing up to head back West — Silicon Valley, specifically. 

That means he’s technically leaving his White House post but not the administration of President Barack Obama.

Park “is expected to take on a new White House role, working from Silicon Valley to recruit tech talent into government roles,” Fortune reported on Friday. “For example, he recently helped hire former Google executive Mikey Dickerson to help identify and fix government websites.”

Before moving to his White House job in 2012, Todd Park became CTO of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services in 2009.

In HSS role, Park most notably set out to make the mountains of health data HHS amassed into information that public and private health entities could use to improve treatments, declaring his intentions to make HHS the NOAA of health data.

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Park was also involved with the Health Data Initiative and was known for praising and working to foster startups, innovative apps and uses of health technologies.

While his role in the White House was mostly outside the political spotlight, Park did come under GOP fire in the months after the debacle, to which some supporters reacted by creating the Let Todd Work website.

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Prior to serving in the federal government, Park was a co-founder of athenahealth and Castlight.

Fortune reported that Park’s decision came about because of “his family’s desire to move back to the West Coast.” 

Government Health IT translation: Park either proposed the new Silicon Valley role or else he attempted to resign and Obama wanted to keep him within the administration enough to allow such a move. 

The White House has yet to reveal who might replace Park.

This article was first published on Government Health IT, sister publication to Healthcare IT News.

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