Study: Health Care Industry Cautious When Adopting New Tech

September 18, 2014 in News

Although early technology adopters see higher revenue growth rates, most health care organizations take a cautious approach to health It adoption, according to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, InformationWeek reports (Diana, InformationWeek, 9/16).

Study Details

The study surveyed 672 industry executives, including 74 in the health care industry, to gauge organizations’ approach to new technology (Vertical insight, 2014). The study, which was sponsored by Verizon, included technologies such as:

  • Analytics;
  • Cloud;
  • Machine-to-machine;
  • Mobility; and
  • Social (InformationWeek, 9/16).

Study Findings

The study found that early adopters of technology are more likely to experience better revenue growth and market position than late adopters.

However, the health care industry is on the backside of adoption, compared with other industries. For example:

  • 27% of health care respondents seek to be among the first to adopt new technology;
  • 35% of health care respondents wait until a technology is established;
  • 36% of health care respondents invest in technology after it has been proven (Hall, FierceHealthIT, 9/17).

The survey also showed that health care industry respondents varied on the types of technologies they adopted, with:

  • 64% reporting extensive mobility adoption;
  • 34% reporting extensive analytics adoption;
  • 25% reporting extensive social adoption;
  • 23% reporting extensive cloud adoption; and
  • 20% reporting extensive machine-to-machine adoption.

According to the study, health care industry respondents identified the top three drivers of change in their market as:

  • Changing customer behavior and expectation;
  • Increased regulation; and
  • Cost savings (Vertical insight, 2014).
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