Health IT jobs garner big bucks

September 19, 2014 in Medical Technology

A new survey from online jobs search firm reveals that work in health IT results in above-average salaries for many positions in the field, depending on experience, location and gender.

Many of the jobs also come with bonuses.

[Infographic: 2014 salary survey.]

Some of the key survey findings are:

  • Health IT consulting companies pay the most with an average of $109,715.42.
  • Health IT professionals in the Mid-Atlantic region make the most – $105,923.00.
  • Some 80 percent of health IT professionals are satisfied with their jobs.
  • There is a $35,000-plus salary difference between those with experience and those without experience in the field.

The survey revealed that gender disparity when it comes to salary continues in health IT.

“Unfortunately for women in the field, the gender pay gap is very much a problem in health IT,” the report states. “Men in health IT make a significant amount more than women,” the report states. found the average salary for a male worker is $99,566.68, while for women it’s $82,036.39, a difference of more than $17,000 per year.

The highest salaries, according to the survey, go to those who work for consulting companies.

The 2014 salary survey concludes that “the future is looking bright  and lucrative  for those looking to pursue a job in the health IT field.”

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