Health IT Jobs Come With Big Salaries, High Job Satisfaction

September 23, 2014 in News

Health IT professionals tend to have above-average salaries and high job satisfaction, according to a recent survey from, Healthcare IT News reports (Monegain, Healthcare IT News, 9/19).

The online job search website conducted the survey between July and August.

Salary Findings

The survey found that health IT professionals reported a mean salary of $89,879.43. Specifically, the survey found that:

  • Project managers had an average annual salary of $111,648.73;
  • Health care informatics had an average annual salary of $94,275.05;
  • System analysts had an average annual salary of $81,574.31; and
  • Implementation consultants had an average annual salary of $80,907.41 (Walsh, Clinical Innovation Technology, 9/22).

However, the survey found that compensation levels varied by:

  • Gender;
  • Location; and
  • Years of experience.

Overall, the survey found that in 2014:

  • Health IT consulting companies offered the highest salaries, at an average of $109,715.42 annually;
  • Health IT professionals in the Mid-Atlantic region had the highest annual incomes, at an average of $105,923 (Healthcare IT News, 9/19);
  • Health IT professionals with more than 20 years’ experience had an average salary of $145,133.33, compared with an average salary of $70,158.65 for those with two years’ experience or less (Clinical Innovation Technology, 9/22); and
  • Male health IT workers had an average annual income of $99,566.68, compared with $82,036.39 for female health IT workers.

Job Satisfaction

Meanwhile, the survey found that about 80% of health IT professionals reported being satisfied with their jobs (Healthcare IT News, 9/19). Respondents identified several reasons for the high satisfaction, including:

  • 66% of respondents who said they had opportunities to learn new skills;
  • 59% who cited career advancement;
  • 56% who cited income potential;
  • 53% who cited work flexibility; and
  • 52% who cited being able to “do what [they] do best every day” (Clinical Innovation Technology, 9/22).
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