HRSA Awards $2M To Improve Telehealth Services in Rural Areas

October 1, 2014 in News

The Health Resources and Services Administration has provided more than $2 million in grants to health care organizations across the country to improve telehealth services in rural areas, FierceHealthIT reports.

Details of HRSA Grants

The telehealth funding is part of $22 million in grants that HRSA provided to organizations in more than 100 communities across 42 states (Dvorak, FierceHealthIT, 9/29). In addition to improving telehealth, the money is intended to help:

  • Coordinate rural health networks;
  • Increase access to automated external defibrillators; and
  • Fund the Radiation Exposure Screening and Education Program (AHA News, 9/26).

Details of Telehealth Funding

Two HRSA grants will be used to expand the capabilities of remote emergency departments and test the effectiveness of telehealth emergency care among rural patients and providers. Specifically, HRSA has awarded:

  • $2.3 million to the Evidence-Based Tele-Emergency Network Program; and
  • $600,000 to the Telehealth Resource Center.

Organizations in the Evidence-Based Tele-Emergency Network Program that will receive money include:

  • Avera Health;
  • Rector Visitors of the University of Virginia;
  • St. Vincent Healthcare Foundation;
  • The University of California-Davis;
  • The University of Kentucky; and
  • Union Hospital in Indiana.

Meanwhile, Medical Care Development in Maine and the Rector Visitors of the University of Virginia will receive funding for the Telehealth Resource Center (FierceHealthIT, 9/29).

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