Docs remain wary of wearables

October 9, 2014 in Medical Technology

October 9, 2014 AT 2:30 PM

It’s a debate that’s not going away soon: how big a role should the data from a patient’s wearable devices play in an actual appointment.

According to one doctor interviewed, more and more customers are bringing data collected with consumer medical devices into their appointments, but he says people can get carried away. One patient, he says, brought in “”twenty years of data in Excel spreadsheets and several other formats, everything from heart rate to symptoms to medications.”

But he goes on to explain that he can actually learn a lot more from a simple conversation during a traditional doctor’s exam. “I get information from watching people’s body language,” he says, “from observing their minor ticks and the tone of their voice, and the subtleties of being in a room with them that give me information that there’s way I can get. I’ve tried doing it on the phone, on video conferencing. You just don’t get as rich an experience to figure out what’s going on and give guidance.”

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