A busy week for Stage 7 hospitals

October 22, 2014 in Medical Technology

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences was announced as the latest HIMSS Analytics Stage 7 award winner on Wednesday. It’s the most recent provider to climb the ladder toward complete EMR maturity in the past week.

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In achieving the highest level on HIMSS Analytics’ Electronic Medical Records Adoption Model, Ontario Shores distinguishes itself as the first Canadian hospital to receive a Stage 7 award. It’s also the first-ever behavioral health facility to attain that level of health IT prowess.

Stage 7 represents an advanced patient record environment with a “complete EMR.” A site visit from HIMSS Analytics confirms that a winning facility uses CCD transactions to share data, has data warehousing in place and data continuity with the ED, ambulatory and outpatient settings.

During the second quarter of 2014, just 3.2 percent of nearly 5,500 U.S. hospitals have received the Stage 7 Award.

“Ontario Shores has created a wonderful achievement in the pantheon of Stage 7 organizations,” said John Hoyt, executive vice president of HIMSS Analytics, in a press statement. “They deliver care in multiple modalities with care plans that are truly patient specific, all in an electronic method. There is a high degree of use of structured documentation with generous discrete data generated to feed analytics and reflex rules that drive best practices.”

Ontario Shores offers a range of specialized treatment services for people living with complex mental illness, and engages in research, education and advocacy initiatives to advance the mental health care system.

“Achieving Stage 7 reflects the high standard of quality at Ontario Shores and demonstrates how we are advancing care for individuals living with mental illness,” said Karim Mamdani, president and CEO at Ontario Shores, in a statement. “Our electronic health record system improves the delivery and quality of care that we provide and standardizes clinical documentation in an environment which is efficient, secure and collaborative.”

This past week, on Oct. 16, HIMSS Analytics awarded four Mercy Health of Cincinnati hospitals with their own Stage 7 Awards: Mercy Health’s West Hospital and The Jewish Hospital, along with Mercy Memorial Hospital in Urbana and Mercy Defiance Hospital all scaled to the highest level of the EMRAM.

Its associated ambulatory clinics, meanwhile, received Stage 7 Ambulatory Awards.

“A lot of great teamwork helped us achieve this important milestone,” said Rebecca Sykes, Mercy’s chief information officer and senior vice president for resource management, in a statement. “We have a dedicated, talented group of individuals who put a lot of energy into this effort. Credit goes to each and every one of them.”

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